Guangdong Crown Paint Company Limited

Glossy Epoxy Wall Paint Solution

  • Main raw material: Epoxy Resin
  • Total Layers: 2 Layers
  • Applied on : Concrete Wall
  • Service life: >10 years
  • USD 1~2 per square meter
  • Thickness: 0.4~0.7 mm
  • Suitable for Interior Wall
CPS-A18 Epoxy Wall Coating Solution

Suitable for interior wall of industrial buildings for decoration and sanitary environment protection,such as heavy factory,pharmacy industry,food-process plants,commercial and residential houses,etc. 

Coating System:

Applicable Range:

        Wall of Car Parking,Industrial Factory,etc. Areas which requires dust-proof,wear-resistance,anti-corrosion,.

Technical Features:

Seamless Shinny Surface,Service life: >10 years;

Fast Drying, Rapid Application,High efficiency; 


Resistant to chemicals; 

No Sagging by Roller or Spray

Technical Data:

Dry Time(h): ≥ 4

Pencil Hardness (H): ≥ H

Adhesion Strength :  ≤ 1

Resistance to Salt Water(5% NaCl): 7 days no change

Alkali Resistance (NaOH ,20%): 7 days no change

Acid Resistance (H2SO4 ,20%):  7 days no change


Wash Scrubbing Resistance: >10000 times

Finish Effect: