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High Solid Solvent Free Epoxy Floor Paint for Heavy Duty Resistance

  • main raw material: Epoxy Resin
  • Suitable for Food factory,Electronic workshop,Warehouse,Car Parking Lot,etc.
  • Usage: indoor floor coating decoration protection waterproofing
  • Applied on : Concrete floor, Metal floor
  • State: Liquid Coating
  • Application method: Manual work plus grinding machine
  • Application tool: spatula ,roller
  • Thickness: 1~2 mm in total
  • Service life: over 8 years

CP-4000 is a two-component solvent-free anti-corrosion epoxy floor paint. Nice appearance, dust &corrosion resistant and easy to clean. The whole coating system can bond well with the solid base and has good abrasion and wearing resistance. Meanwhile, it is resistant to compression and impact and can stand heavy-duty load to a certain extent.


1. Seamless, dust-proof and easy to clean

2. Solvent-free and environmental

3. Dense corrosion-resistance surface

4. Bright &smooth surface

Where to Use:

It is mainly used for indoor concrete floor where there is compression & wearing resistance and anti-dust and corrosion requirement, such as industry workshop, office, warehouse, foodstuff factory,car parking lot, etc.

Requirements for the base:

1. Concrete strengthC25;

2. Flatness: the maximum altitude difference of 2M running rule3mm.

3. The moisture content of the base4%

Technical Data:

Drying time:

Touch dry: 6 hours (25)

Hard dry: 7 days (25)

Compressive strength (Mpa): 85

Impact resistance strength (Kg·cm): 50

Flexural strength (Mpa): 75

Adhesive force grade: 1


Pencil Hardness (H): 2H

Abrasion resistance(750g/1000r, zero gravity, g)0.02

Resistance to engine oil, diesel oil for 60 days: no change.

Resistance to 50% sulfuric acid for 20 days: no change

Resistance to 25% Sodium hydroxide for 30 days: no change

Resistance to toluene, ethanol for 60 days: no change

Recommended Consumption:


Flat Effect

Rough Sand Effect

Topcoat (CP-4000)

0.3 kg/sqm

0.6~0.8 kg/sqm



2kg/sqm (Scatter Sand 80#)

Undercoat (CP-MA)

0.5~0.6 kg/sqm

0.3~0.6 kg/sqm


0.25~0.3kg/sqm (Quartz Powder)

0.3~0.6 kg/sqm (Quartz Sand 100#)

Primer (CP-30)

0.15 kg/sqm

0.15 kg/sqm


 For detailed application instruction, click here.

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