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Water Shield Elastomeric Polyurea Coating Solution

  • Main raw material: Polyurea
  • Total Layers: 4 Layers
  • Applied on : Concrete floor, Metal floor
  • Service life: >10 years
  • USD 7~25 per square meter
  • Thickness: 2~3 mm
  • Suitable for: Tunnel,Bridge,swimming pool,cooling water
CPS-A14 Water Shield Elastomeric Polyurea Coating Solution

CPS-A14 Polyurea Coating Solution is designed to provide water-proof and crack-resistant feature on Floor and Wall Surface Coating. It is not sensitive to the surrounding temperature,and has large elongation ratio to remain intact even under huge compression and impact.

Coating System:

The coating system is flexible according to the actual demand and budget.


1. High Elongation ratio,Bearing cold and heat change;

2. Abundant colors for choice, Matt neat finish;

3. 100% Solid Content,Zero VOC,Non-Toxic;
4. Good abrasion resistance and durability;
5. Excellent Weathering and Ageing Resistance;
6. Super performance of Water-Proof,Dampt-Proof,Long Life Span.

Applicable Range:

Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor Floor & Wall of Factory Workshop,Tunnel, Bridge,Cooling Tower,Swimming Pool,etc.

Technical Data:

Drying time:

Hard dry:   15 minutes (25)

Breaking Elongation: ≥ 500%

Impact resistance strength (Kg·cm): 65

Tensile Strength (Mpa): 16

Adhesive Strength: 3 Mpa

Shaw hardness (A): 70 

Abrasion resistance(750g/1000r, zero gravity, g)0.0045g
Temperature Range: -40C ~ +150C
Service Life: 10-20 Years

Finish Effect:

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