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Outdoor Acrylic Sport Court Floor Paint

  • main raw material: Acrylic Resin
  • Suitable for outdoor sport court like basketball,badminton,volleyball,etc.
  • Usage: indoor&outdoor floor coating decoration protection waterproofing
  • Applied on : Concrete floor, Metal floor
  • State: Liquid Coating
  • Application method: Manual work plus grinding machine
  • Application tool: teeth spatula,roller
  • Thickness: 1~2 mm
  • Service life: over 10 years

CP-102 is a kind of economical acrylic airtight organic paint, mainly used for outdoors courts of tennis, basketball, badminton, volleyball etc. It is suitable for environments of all kinds of climate, wearable, anti-slip, waterproof, sun protection. It can form a dense and elastic coating on the substrate which can adjust the rotary force of the ball speed and prolong the service life of the ball and the sports shoes. With its soft colors and gloss, it can also reduce the surface reflection effectively.


1.    Wearable, dense and elastic surface

2.    Weathering resistant and anti-ultraviolet

3.    Waterproof and anti-slip

4.    Bright colors, soft gloss


5.    Easy application and economical


Where to Use:


It is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Such as basketball,badminton,volleyball,sport field,etc.

Requirements for the base:

1. Concrete strengthC25; Concrete moisture concten <4%

2. Flatness: the maximum altitude difference3mm (measure with 2M running rule)

3. Press polish of the concrete surface with cement mortar is recommended.

4. Water & damp proof treatment is suggested before application of leveling layer of the concrete.

Technical Data:

Impact resistance strength (Kgf/cm/cm2): 8.9

Tensile strength (Kgf/cm2): 74

Adhesive strength (Kgf/cm2): 21.1

Hardness (Shore A): 82

Wearing test (g): 0.203


Extensibility: 15%

Recommended Coating SystemConsumption:

1st Coat: Epoxy Primer (Model:CP-30): 0.15 kg/sqm

2nd Coat: Acrylic Undercoat (CP-102): 0.6 kg/sqm   + Quartz Sand (mesh #100): 0.6 kg/sqm + Water 30%~50%

3rd Coat: Acrylic Topcoat Paint (CP-102): 0.3 kg/sqm (twice) + Water 30%~50%

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