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Acrylic Outdoor Paint Self-Primed for Multi-Surfaces

  • Apply on Wood,Concrete,Metal surfaces directly
  • easy application
  • full color
  • service life: 1~3 years
  • for indoor and outdoor

CP-301 is a kind of economical acrylic airtight organic paint, can be used for both indoor and outdoor environment,including concrete,metal,wood,stone,asphalt,etc. It is suitable for all kinds of climate, and it’s wearable, anti-slip, waterproof, sun protection.



1.    Wearable, dense and hard surface

2.    Weathering resistant and anti-ultraviolet

3.    Waterproof and anti-slip

4.    Bright colors, soft gloss

5.    Easy application and economical


Configuration of Coating System:

CP301 is one-component paint, it can be applied on floor and wall substrate directly. No dilution or hardener is needed.


Technical Data:

Impact resistance strength (Kgf/cm/cm2): 8.9

Tensile strength (Kgf/cm2): 74

Adhesive strength (Kgf/cm2): 21.1

Hardness (Shore A): 82

Abrasion Resistance (g): 0.203                       

Consumption:   0.1~0.2kg/sqm  

Application Method: Spatula, Roller, Spray

Packing Size:  20 kg/drum


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