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Ceramic Beads Anti-Slip Epoxy Floor Paint

  • main raw material: Epoxy Resin
  • Suitable for factory,Shopping Mall,Garages,Hotel,Commercial Plaza,Showroom,etc.
  • Usage: indoor floor coating decoration protection waterproofing
  • Applied on : Concrete floor, Metal floor
  • State: Liquid Coating
  • Thickness: 1~2 mm
  • Application tool: roller
  • Service life: over 20 years
CP-200 is a two-component ceramic beads anti-slip epoxy floor paint. The fine beads added into epoxy paint can provide good anti-slip performance.It’s dust &corrosion resistant and easy to clean. The whole coating system can bond well with the solid base and has good abrasion and wearing resistance. Meanwhile, it is resistant to compression and impact and can stand heavy-duty load to a certain extent.


1. Seamless, dust-proof,noise-reduction and Anti-slip effect
2. Beads are tiny and even,easy-to-clean
3. Dense corrosion-resistance surface
4. Bright &smooth surface

Where to Use:

It is mainly used for concrete surface where has compression & wearing resistance and anti-slip requirement, such as industry workshop,parking, warehouse, foodstuff factory,clothing workshop,
tobacco factory,bottling water factory,juice workshop,drink plants, etc.

Requirements for the base:

1. Concrete strength≥C25;
2. Flatness: the maximum altitude difference of 2M running rule锛3mm. 
3. The moisture content of the base锛4%

Technical Data:

Drying time:
Touch dry: 6 hours (25鈩)
Hard dry: 7 days (25鈩)
Compressive strength (Mpa): ≥80
Impact resistance strength (Kg•cm): ≥50 
Bending Strength (Mpa): ≥6
Tensile Strength (Mpa): ≥7
Pencil Hardness (H): ≥3H
Abrasion resistance(750g/1000r, zero gravity, g)≤0.02g
Resistance to engine oil, diesel oil for 7 days: no change.
Resistance to 10% H2SO4 for 7 days: no change
Resistance to 10% NaOH for 7 days: no change
Resistance to water for 7 days: no change
Service life: >8 years

Recommended Consumption:

Primer: 0.15kg/sqm
Undercoat: 0.4kg/m2 + Quartz Sand: 0.4kg/m2
Putty layer: 0.2kg/m2 + Quartz Powder: 0.1kg/m2
Top coat: 0.3kg/m2
Overcoat Varnish: 0.1 kg/m2 (optional)

Application instructions:

1. Surface preparation锛欳orrect substrate preparation is critical for optimum performance. Surface should be sound, clean, dry and free from loose particles, oil, grease, and other contaminants.
2. Primer: Prepare a barrel, pour CP-30A and CP-30B in it based on 1:1. Stir the mixture well and then apply it with roller or trowel. The reference consumption is 0.15kg/銕.The main purpose of this primer is to seal the substrate completely and avoid air-bubbles in the body coat. A second coat may be required depending on the oil absorption condition of substrate. The recoat time is about 8 hours. 
Inspection standard for the primer: even film with certain brightness.
3. Undercoat: Mix CP-MA and CP-MB based on 5:1 first, then add quartz powder (1/2 of the mixture of A and B) into the mixture, stir it well and apply with trowel. The consumption quantity of A and B is 0.5kg /sqm. You can do it one coat at one time or two coats at two times. In the second case, the application interval is about 8 hours at 25 degrees. Sand the first layer, clean it and then apply the second layer. After the whole application, wait another 8 hours, grind it, clean the sanding dust and then continue the next procedure.
Inspection standard for the undercoat: Non-sticky to hand, no softening, no nail print if you scratch the surface. 
4.  Top coat: Mix CP-200A and CP-200B based on 5:1 and then apply the mixture with roller. The consumption quantity is 0.25~0.3kg/sqm.
5. Maintenance: 5-7 days. Don’t put the floor into use or wash it with water or other chemicals.

Clean up

Clean the application tools first with paper towels, then clean the tools with solvent before the paint hardens
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