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Installation Video 2,Repair the cracks,joints,etc.


Before the massive installation of epoxy paint, it's important to check the whole floor,to see if it's clean,dry, free of water,oil,grease,other dirts.


Clear away the loose dirts from the cracks,joint gaps,then repair with epoxy midcoat sand materials:



       Epoxy Mid-coat Paint, Quartz Sand (from 20# to 100#)

Tool:  Spatula, Metal Knife



1)Clear away all the loose particles,dirts from the bottom side of gaps and joints;

2)Open the tins of Mid-coat paint & hardener, take out small quantity, ie. 5 kgs,then mix with quartz sand of different meshes;

3)Use knife and spatula to fill out the gaps,joints with mixture.

4)Finish the mixture within pot life 30 minutes;
5)Let the midcoat epoxy dry and become hard for about 8 hours
6)Check if the midcoat already smoothed the gaps and joints to the same level as concrete substrate. If still lower than substrate, repair again till it's the same level as substrate.


Key Notes:

1),Epoxy thinner is not a necessity, but it can be added to dilute the mixture for a better feeling of application,generally 1%~5% by weight would be ok.

2),1~4 times of repair is possible, all depends on the floor condition.

3),Be sure to wash the tools with epoxy thinner after work everyday.

Video Link: Click here to view the video on Youtube.

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