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Installation Video 3,Apply the Epoxy Clear Primer


CP-30 Epoxy Clear Primer is used to seal the grinded concrete floor, preventing moisture from the bottom from damaging the epoxy layers. It has strong penetration strength and bonding power to concrete.

Material :  
  CP-30A(Primer) ,CP-30B (Hardener) 


Tool:  Spatula or Roller.Brush, Electrical Mixer



1)Open the tins of Primer and Hardener,mix them based on correct ratio (i.e. A: B=1:1) by weight,stir for about 2 minutes by electrical mixer;

2)Pour the mixture on the floor, start to apply it with spatula or roller to cover and seal the whole floor. Corners,edges can be painted by brush. 

4)Finish the mixture within its pot life 60 mintues;

5)Leave the primer about 4-8 hours for drying till the next coating layer.


Key Notes:

1),The consumption of Part A and Part B is 0.1~0.3 kg /sqm,depending on floor condition & designed solution;

2),You can do it one coat at one time,which is generally good enough.

3),Before massive application, trial test is recommended,because you need to get familiar with the epoxy features.

4),Epoxy thinner is not a necessity in primer mixture.

5),Before application, check the concrete floor if every inch is dry and clean,free of dust,oil,grease,damage,etc.

6),Be sure to wash and clean the tools with epoxy thinner after work everyday.

Coating Layers:
Generally one layer of primer is good enough. If there are flaws after the first layer, it's ok to apply the second layer.

The primer on floor must be dry,even film without bubble, crack.
It should not be sticky to anything.
There should not be any concrete surface exposed to the air.

Video Link: Click here to view the video on Youtube.

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