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Installation Video 1, Grind the Concrete Floor

Before applying epoxy paint,the concrete substrate should be sound, clean, dry and free from loose particles, oil,grease, and all other contaminants. It's a must to grind the concrete floor and clean the dust.


      Big grinding machine, grinding disks, manual grinding machine,grinding pads, sweeper/cleaning machine.


   1),Get the electricity supply ready, prepare the long electrical cable. Install the grinding disks and check the grinding bottom plate to make sure it's firmly fixed.

   2),One people operate the grinding machine, another people take care of the electricial calbes; another 2~3 people take charge of sweeping the floor after grinding.


Key Notes:

1),Grind the floor in rows and sequence; Push the grinding machine at normal walking speed;

2),Watch the floor while grinding. Embossment spot needs back-and-forth grinding;

3),Corners,edges where the big machine can't reach should be grinded by manual small grinding machine

4),Be sure to sweep and clean the dust after grinding. Don't pour water or anything liquid to wet the floor.


Video Link: Click here to view the video on Youtube.

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