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Installation Video 5:Grind the Epoxy Sand Layer


The epoxy midcoat screed layer takes about 8 hours for drying at 25 centi-degree.Then we can check the floor condition, and if it's dry and sound without chalk,resin sink or other defects, we can start to grind it, the main purpose is to remove the loose&rough particles,dirts, smooth bumpy areas.



  Big Grinding machine,Portable Small Grinding Machine; Grinding diks for epoxy; sweeper/cleaning machine.


 1),Get the electricity supply ready, prepare the long electrical cable. Install the grinding disks and check the grinding bottom plate to make sure it's firmly fixed.

 2), One people operate the grinding machine,push the machine in direct rows back and forth. 

 3),Another people take care of the electricial calbes. Another 2~3 people take charge of sweeping the floor after grinding.

 4),Turn off the power of grinding machine immediately once you want to stop the grinding job. Don't let the rotary grinding plate stay still on the floor,which will badly damage the epoxy surface.

Key Notes:

  1),The grinding machine should go in straight line, don't miss any inch of the floor.

  2),The dusts be swept and gathered by machine or sweeper,then disposed to somewhere else out of the site.

  3),Don't pour any liquid onto the floor for cleaning such as water,oil,resin,etc. 

  4),Use portable grinding machine for the edges,corners,where big grinding machine can't reach.

Grinding Times:

Generally grinding one time of screed midcoat is enough. 


The epoxy screed surface is neat &flat without damage;
Obvious rough sand should not be seen;
All the floor surface must be covered without any leak.

Video Link: Click here to view the video on Youtube.


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