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what influence will be caused by different defects of the concrete floor

Concrete surface is very important for epoxy paint. If it is not well treated,the epoxy paint will be affected badly. Before installation of epoxy paint, the concrete surface should be in good

condition: tight without loose sand, high hardness,smooth & flat without voids and pits, no cement pimple,contaminants like other paint,gum,grease,oil,etc.

Now let's see what influence will be caused by different defects of the concrete floor:

[Concrete Hollow,Cracks]


If the concrete is not well treated before epoxy paint installation, the whole floor paint will be damaged easily ,Hollow and deeper cracks will occur.

 [Concrete Loose surface]


A loose floor surface will increase the consumption of epoxy primer obviously,hence the cost will be higher too.

 [Weak compressive strength of concrete surface]


When the bonding strength between floor and epoxy is below 1.5 Mpa, the epoxy paint can’t stick to the floor firmly. It’s highly possible that the paint and floor will be pulled up.

 [Bad flatness of concrete surface]


A bad flatness of concrete surface will affect the paint finish decorative effect and practical use strongly.

 [water,moisture in concrete]


If the basement or the ground layer contains heavy water,moisture, it will rise to the surface through concrete pores, affecting the bonding strength directly between the concrete and epoxy paint,which will cause bubbles,delamination,pinholes,etc. So water-proof layer is a must.

 [Old paint layer on concrete]


The dense surface of old paint will reduce the bonding strength between floor and new epoxy,which will cause delamination,craters.

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