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CP-4000 Epoxy Floor Paint Application Instructions

  Application instructions:

1.   Surface preparationCorrect substrate preparation is critical for optimum performance. Surface should be sound, clean, dry and free from loose particles, oil, grease, and other contaminants. Grind the concrete floor with grinding machine, repair the flaw area of floor.  More preparation , go to FAQ page.

2.   Epoxy Primer: Prepare a barrel, pour CP-30A and CP-30B in it based on 1:1. Stir the mixture well about 2 minutes and then apply it with roller or trowel. The reference consumption is 0.15kg/.The main purpose of this primer is to seal the substrate completely and avoid air-bubbles in the body coat. A second coat may be required depending on the oil absorption condition of substrate. The recoat time is about 8 hours.

Inspection standard for the primer: even film with certain brightness.

3.   Epoxy Undercoat: Mix CP-MA and CP-MB based on 5:1 first, then add quartz powder (1/2 of the mixture of A and B) into the mixture, stir it well and apply with trowel. The consumption quantity of A and B is 0.5kg /sqm. You can do it one coat at one time or two coats at two times. In the second case, the application interval is about 8 hours at 25 degrees. Sand the first layer, clean it and then apply the second layer. After the whole application, wait another 8 hours, grind it, clean the sanding dust and then continue the next procedure.

Inspection standard for the undercoat: Non-sticky to hand, no softening, no nail print if you scratch the surface.

4.Sand /Grind the Undercoat layer,then clean the floor (Small machine for sanding corner and edges)

5.Epoxy Paint Topcoat: Mix CP-4000A and CP-4000B based on 5:1 and then apply the mixture with roller. The consumption quantity is 0.3kg/sqm.

6. Maintenance: 7-15 days. Don’t put the floor into use or wash it with water or other chemicals.

Clean up

Clean the application tools first with paper towels, then clean the tools with solvent before the paint hardens

If you need further help in application of epoxy paint, please visit the Service page.