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CP-727 Waterproof paint application instructions

Before applying epoxy floor paint, if your concrete floor has problem of moisture,which damage the floor, water-proof paint is your solution as below:


Application Instructions:

1.    Surface Preparation:

·The surface should be tough, flat and free of dust, grease and other contaminants.

· All the small cracks, holes, pits should be filled up with concrete mortar.

· All the interior or exterior vertical angles should be trimmed to an arc with concrete mortar.

·Under high temperature, wet the surface with water first.

2.    Application Method:

·Pour the powder into the additive at the ratio, and then use electrical blender to stir evenly. Don’t add water.

·Keep the grout for 5 to 10 minutes, and then stir it again to achieve the best result.

·The application times depend on use purpose. Usually 1-2 times for anti-damp and leakage purpose and 2-3 times for water-proof purpose is recommended. Application in cross way is best.     

·After the first layer, wait until the surface is non-stick (about 2 hours). Usually 6-7 hours later, you can step on the first layer to continue the second one.

·If the hardening time of the first layer is too long, wet the surface before the application of the next layer.

If you need to walk on the ceiling after the whole application, then you must apply cement on the water-proof layer. If not, then no need to do this. Also you can’t walk on the water-proof layer in spiked shoes before you apply cement.



1.    Application temperature: 5鈩-40鈩. Application below 0 or in rainy days is prohibited.

2.    Prevent damage from trampling, sharp-edged things, rain, frost etc within 24 hours after application.

3.    Ventilation facility is recommended for application under poor ventilation or closed condition.

4.    The ready grout (mixture of powder and additive) should be used up within 2 hours and the hardened grout can’t be reused with added water.

5.    Don’t shorten the hardening time of the water-proof layer with the help of blower.

6.    Store it in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place and prevent it from sunlight exposure and rain.