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Choosing the right colors for your industrial floors

 When specifying industrial floors, how much attention should be given to the choice of the right color? The color is one of those often overlooked  factors that could end up having a significant impact on the success of your flooring project. Here are some factors to watch out for:

1. Always try to understand the client’s business activities and how the color could affect his or her operations. Flour mills like beige colors as they want to hide the flour, Car parks like medium greys as they want to hide the tire marks and meat processing factories … well they always ask me for red-based colors as they want to hide the … blood.

2. Poorly lit areas like basements or buildings with a few windows may need a light colour to help lighten up the place. A light colour can easily make the space look brighter and larger, and in the process you will help your client save up on lighting costs. If I need to specify a light colour I absolutely adore the RAL 9018 (Papyrus white) as it is not as drab as light grey and it usually blends in very nicely with other colors. (see pic below)

3. I have seen the exact same color from the same batch look very different when applied in different environments. For example white tungsten lights can create a very different effect on the floor compared to yellow lights.  Other important factors are how the walls have been painted and how they blend in with the floor. You also need to consider furniture, shadows  and other objects that will fill up the area. Even the time of the day, and how much natural sunlight comes in through the windows will affect your floor! Occasionally you will meet people that will fret for hours on which exact shade of grey is best. Try to explain to them that the appearance of their floor will be affected by many other factors beyond their control, so there is no point in focusing too much on the perfect color.

4. White floors look cool and sexy and architects absolutely love specifying them. However they can be an absolute nightmare to maintain as they need continuous cleaning.  If they are not maintained properly, over time they will yellow and get scratches that will easily pick up dirt. The effect is similar to wearing white trousers every day. Your trousers will get dirty very quickly! If you are going to go ahead with a white floor always remember to cost in a wear resistant top-coat. 

Dark colors tend to create beautiful mirror effects (see cover photo) but dust and dirt can be very visible with such floors. If your facility is affected by high amounts of dust and dirt in the atmosphere (especially in dry climates) you may want to think twice before specifying such colours. Have a look at the picture below and see what happens if a few people bring in dirt on a dark floor.

 In case you are wondering what my favorite all time colors for epoxy floors are, I believe that you can never go wrong with the RAL 7040 (Window Grey) as it achieves a great looking balanced industrial look.

Blue colors make awesome floors especially the Sky Blue 5015 depicted below. I just wish more people would ask for them!

Finally if you are having trouble finding a specific color for your next flooring project please reach out to me by sending me a message. Our company may be able to help!

Final Note: our colors are according to the RAL system. For a full look at the RAL colour palette click here.