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How to avoid bubbles and blisters in resin paint flooring

Resin-based flooring solutions are extremely durable and long-lasting. When it is properly installed on floor,it offers a seamless, hardwearing and highly resistant finish.

However, it requires careful preparation and high attention to detail to avoid blemishes and flaws in the finished surface,including bubbles and blisters.

Bubbles can either appear all over the floor or in localized honeycomb clusters. 
There are three main causes of bubbles or blisters in resin paint flooring: 


  • 1,Air bubbles become trapped in the resin material during mixing and remain during cure;
  • 2,Moisture vapor transmission from substrate to finish
  • 3,Applying resin paint to a porous substrate


Well,how to eliminate or kill the imperfections from the beginning?

  • 1, Make sure that all the resin components are thoroughly and evenly distributed during mixing process by a electrical drill;

  • 2, Make sure the resin is used under the suitable weather and temperature conditions at the time of installation.

  • 3,Make sure that the porous substrate is well sealed and primed to prevent outgassing. This includes filling all cracks,holes, joints and dents before installing the topcoat finish.

  • 4,Make sure that the paint is installed by highly skilled,highly trained and experienced application teams to guarantee the best finish on your project.