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How does the Film-Lifting Phenomenon Occur in Epoxy Installation

Epoxy paint’s main film-forming binder is an epoxy resin, an epoxy resin itself is thermoplastic, so it is necessary to react with a curing agent or a fatty acid to form crosslinked macromolecular network structure. The thermoplastic of itself becomes Thermosetting, which can show a variety of excellent properties.

However, during the installation process, the following two points must be paid attention to avoid the phenomenon of " film-lifting after the epoxy floor is painted. Film-liftingrefers to the phenomenon that the epoxy floor topcoat and the primer are bonded together and swell, then wrinkles appear on the floor surface. This phenomenon is easy to occur when applying paint containing strong solvents

There are two main reasons for the film-lifting phenomenon:

1. Floor paint material

The products of epoxy floor paint manufacturers are usually produced in complete sets. The formulas used by different manufacturers are different. If they are mixed and used, it is likely that the original floor paint will become soft.

Once the primer is soft and swollen, it is very likely that it will lift. Therefore, it is required to select the products of the same manufacturer during installation, so that the risk of film-lifting can be reduced.


If you must use materials from different brands, you can test in a small area first, and then use it in a large area after confirming that there is no flaw .

Solution: choose the matching primer and topcoat to use.

2. Epoxy Installation

Epoxy floor paint is a kind of paint film which is cured and formed into film. Toughness and strength require the floor paint to be completely cured. If the primer is applied before the primer is completely dry, the primer and the primer will penetrate and affect each other, which will cause the problem of film-lifting.


If the topcoat is too thick and the drying time is too long, the problem of film-lifting may also occur.

Solution: film-lifting between the same film-forming materials, for example, apply the polyurethane primer on the polyurethane primer; apply the epoxy primer on the epoxy primer before the primer is completely dry.

In places where the undercoat layer is prone to lift, a thin layer of paint can be applied to the undercoat layer first, and then the topcoat is applied after it is touch dry.


If the film-lifting phenomenon is serious, the coating should be removed first, and then the same material should be used for painting after the substrate is dry.