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Top 7 Reasons For Your Company To Choose Epoxy Flooring

 There are multiple advantages for you to owning an epoxy coated floor. Epoxy floors are hard-wearing and durable, which make them fit for your commercial and industrial flooring needs. These coatings are applied over the concrete floor, providing high performance with a sleek and attractive surface.

Epoxy flooring can make a plain old concrete floor more appealing to the eye. Most importantly, it helps extend the life of the floor of your establishment.

The Top 7 Reasons to choose Epoxy Flooring are:

1) Chemically-Resistant
One reason why epoxy flooring is popular for industrial companies is the resistance it has to chemicals. Running a business where chemicals are involved are often partnered with a decision to have epoxy flooring. This is why such coating is being used for factories, warehouses and industrial plants.

2) Helps to Improve Safety
Epoxy coatings are formulated to resist impact, slips and even heat or fire.
When running a business, safety must be one of the top priorities. With less accidents happening there will be less reasons for delay in production.

3) Color-Coding for Boundaries
A lot of companies turn to epoxy flooring to distinguish certain areas in their plants. It is possible to use a variety of colours to define areas of work. This can be used to emphasize high-risk zones, security zones and even traffic zones.

4) Smooth and Easy-to-Clean Surfaces
An epoxy floor can help ease your stress of cleaning. Dirt and dust can be easily wiped or mopped clean.

5) Increases Productivity
Vehicles can now enter your workplace, since epoxy flooring prevents the wear and tear of your floor. This paves the way for faster material movement with no damage for your floor. This is especially beneficial for industries involved in supply chain and delivery.

6) Energy Savings
In hot and warm climates such as in the Philippines, the coolness of an epoxy floor leads to savings in energy consumption for air-conditioning.

7) Long-Term Cost Savings
The strength and resistance of epoxy to staining, fading and damage is well worth the cost of having epoxy flooring installed. In the long run, the cost savings you get from the flooring become obvious, as repair or renewal of the floor become minimal.
By having an epoxy coated floor, you won’t have to spend money on replacing carpets, tiles, or linoleum. You’ll even take out the need for restoration tasks such as waxing and steam cleaning.

Epoxy coatings promises you a robust floor that lasts for many years. It offers flooring surfaces that are chemically resistant and ideal for plants, garages and warehouses.

Are you ready for a floor facelift? Our expertsare happy to help you in installing your epoxy floor in no time!