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Tips for a healthy and clean flooring during application

 For a perfect painting result,the whole process must be kept clean as much as possible. Here are some important tips for you.


1, Be healthy: Wear Facial Mask during Grinding the Floor:

2,Put cloth or wood or kraft paper as mat on the floor:

3,While carrying and moving the mixed paint, use Krfat paper to hold the tin to prevent paint drops and wear footwear gloves to be clean while walking.

4,During application,hold a container at hand to take out impurity of sands,particles,etc anytime.

Tins must be padded with pad to keep floor clean.

Shoes must be clean at site or wear foot-gloves

5.Clean the spatula with thinner in the end of everyday.

If your floor has big gaps or holes,repair it with epoxy quartz sand till it’s smooth. After the repaired area is dry, then start to apply epoxy.

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