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How to select the CORRECT coating model for your floor

There are more and more paint products in the market for flooring coating for industrial ,commercial and residential buildings and houses. It’s not easy to select one out of them to suit one’s own floor, so people can get confused easily, not knowing what to do when it comes to flooring coating.

Here we got some tips to help you find out your real needs,which can be materialized and decomposed in details one by one:


1, Physical Requirement:

1.1         Abrasion Resistance: The daily traffic of vehicle and people on your floor determines the requirement on floor paint’s abrasion resistance performance

1.2         Impact Resistance: Whether the machines working in your plant workshop generate constant impact to the floor will determine the requirement on floor paint’s impact resistance performance

1.3         Compressive Strength: The machines or equipment installed in your plant workshop and vehicles working ways will determine the requirement on floor paint’s compressive strength performance.

2,Chemical Requirement:

Whether your production uses any type of chemicals ,which drops to the floor,will determine the requirement on the floor paint’s chemical resistance performance


3,The environment:

  3.1 The floor is dry or wet in your daily production

  3.2 The room temperature range during daily production

  3.3 Does your factory require any special performance such as anti-static

4, Your hope for the lifespan of paint on your floor.

Maybe you wish to have the factory work for 3 years only, or maybe 10 years or even longer time.

5, Your investment budget in the flooring

As different products have their own quality and prices,and can be sold to you in reasonable or unreasonable profits from suppliers.


From these items above, you shall be able to provide a clear list of answers to figure out what type of paint suit your floor best.