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Concrete Substrate Bonding Issue

Industrial Flooring Bond failure at the concrete substrate occurs when the coating or flooring system delaminates at the bond line, which leads to the epoxy finish being easily removable from the underlying concrete substrate.

Knowing Bond Failure

Bond failure has typically occurred when the floor coating breaks apart, peels, chips or otherwise separates into pieces so that the concrete beneath is clearly visible.

Once this delamination and chipping has happened the facility can be left facing a substantial repair bill, as more than likely the only remedy will be to completely recoat the floor area.

Causes of Bond Failure

The symptoms of substrate adhesion failure can usually be linked to one of the below causes:

  • During the preperation process the substrate was inadequately shot blasted, which would prevent a good mechanical bond with the coating.
  • The presence of surface contaminants such as water, humidity, oil, dust and grease will act as a bond breaker.
  • Being beyond the recoat window (if the coating was applied after the recommended time for recoating).
  • Improperly mixing the resin flooring components at wrong ratio of mixing.
  • If the resin coating doesn’t properly cure with enough time.
  • Undercured or smooth concrete is a common bond failure culprit.
  • Other obstacles to look out for include previous coatings, concrete treatments or sealers.

How to Prevent Substrate Bond Failure

  • The foundation of any coating or flooring system is the surface preparation. The purpose of surface preparation is to create a surface profile that will promote mechanical adhesion by removing all contaminants such as concrete laitance, existing coatings, hardeners, sealers and curing compounds that can interfere with this adhesion. All of these should be removed using a floor grinder as a part of the floor preparation process.
  • Use a suitable water or solvent based primer prior to applying the coating.
  • Make sure that newly poured concrete is given sufficient time to cure
  • In areas of high humidity from the ground, apply special water-proofing paint in the middle of concrete substrate.