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How to choose the color of the epoxy floor

Epoxy floor paint is a particularly beautiful and long-lasting floor paint. Since the middle and late of the last century, many clean workshop floors have appeared in Europe and the United States. With the widespread application of epoxy flooring in various industries, more users have begun to pay attention to the color selection of floor paints.

Now let's introduce in detail how to choose the color of epoxy floor paint.


How to choose a more suitable color for a durable floor before construction? Let's first take a look at how different colors will affect people:


Red: stimulates and excites the nervous system, increases adrenaline secretion and enhances blood circulation. However, when exposed to too much red, it will produce anxiety and physical and mental stress, making those who are prone to fatigue feel exhausted. Therefore, you should avoid using too much red in your bedroom or study.


Blue: It can reduce the pulse and adjust the internal balance. Using blue in the bedroom can eliminate tension and help reduce headaches, fever and dizziness and insomnia. The blue environment makes people feel elegant and peaceful.


Purple: It has a depressive effect on the motor nerve, lymphatic system and heart system, can maintain the balance of potassium in the body, and promotes the feeling of quietness and love and caring for others.


Yellow: It can stimulate the nervous and digestive systems and strengthen logical thinking, but the golden decoration can easily cause instability and arbitrary behavior. Therefore, in bedrooms and places of activity, it is best to avoid using golden furniture.

Green: It is good for digestion, promotes body balance, and has a calming effect. It is good for people who are active or depressed. Natural green has a certain effect on overcoming dizziness, fatigue, and negative emotions.


Gray: stable; abandon; dignity; stable; protect nature, instinctual behavior: prepared; guarded; compromised; disciplined;


Orange: Generates vitality, induces appetite, helps calcium absorption, and helps restore and maintain health. This color is suitable for entertainment rooms, kitchens, etc. It is not suitable for bedrooms and study rooms.


Indigo: Reconciles muscles, reduces or stops bleeding, can affect vision, hearing and smell, and can reduce the body's sensitivity to pain. This color is not suitable for decoration, but if used for cloth, it can give people a sense of security.

According to the more widespread use of epoxy flooring in industry, when we choose the color of epoxy floor paint, we mostly consider the impact of large areas of color in the workplace on people. 
For example, green is the color of epoxy floor paint that we use in a large area of 鈥嬧媡he factory floor. It can not only keep workers in a relaxed working mood, strengthen the body's sense of balance, but more importantly, it can relieve fatigue and negative emotions.


Experts suggest that green, gray, and blue can be used as a reference for color choices in industrial floors such as factory buildings, parking lots, and production workshops . Yellow can be used in small areas in areas that require special warning. As the epoxy floor gradually penetrates into the interior home improvement market, there will be more colors for us to apply in daily life.