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Proper Care and Maintenance improves life span of Epoxy Flooring Coatings

After installation, proper care and maintenance of epoxy floor coatings can prolong the shine of epoxy and life span on the floor.

Things You Will Need: Dustmop; Neutralfloor cleaner;Mopbucket;Mop;Towel


Daily Maintenance:


I. Sweep the floors daily.

II. If abrasive particles  are present, they should be removed by mopping with common household detergents and rinsed completely.  Be sure not to use the detergent at a concentration higher than that recommended by the manufacturer of the floor cleaning material.  Be sure to test any cleaner that you haven't used before on a sample of the Seamless Flooring Material or Seamless Floor coating.

III. Promptly remove grease, and other contaminants from the surface of the floor.

IV. Be sure to rinse off all chemical solutions that may attack the surface.

Weekly Maintenance:

1,Smooth Surface Finishes:

I. All seamless flooring and floor coatings should be mopped on aregular bases with a neutral soap or detergent, and completely rinsed. Be surenot to use the detergent at a concentration higher than that recommended by themanufacturer of the floor cleaning material. 

II. Be sure to test any cleaner that you haven't used before on asample of the Seamless Flooring Material or Seamless Floor coating. 

III. Mop should be rinsed often. Synthetic mops tend to work better ontextured surfaces than cotton mops. The water should be changed frequently aswell. Smooth floors are easily cleaned this way. It may be necessary to giveextra care to areas that are subject to heavy traffic, hard rubber wheels, andsteel wheels that leave marks. In these situations you can use the methods usedfor textured floors for these more difficult to remove contamination.

2,Textured Surface Finishes:

Textured systems may require the use of a stiff bristled brush orfloor scrubber to reach to bottom of the anti-skid texture.  



Severe problem areas can be treated as follows:

Grease Removal

Grease is typically removed by Tri-sodium phosphate (TSP) or othercommonly available biodegradable cleaner. Contact Crown with your specific questions.

Removing Dairy Products

Dairy products should be removed immediately as they may causestaining on some types of seamless flooring and seamless floor coating systems.

Tire Marks Removal

Scrub the area(s) with a stiff bristled brush and using the samebiodegradable floor cleaner that you are using to mop with.

Stubborn Dirt or Stain Removal

When you are trying to remove stubborn dirt or stains, allow thebiodegradable cleaner to set in the area for a little while longer and do thework for you. Then completely rinse to area to remove the cleaner and the dirt.

Chemical Spills

You should always rinse strong chemicals as quickly as possible completely from the surface. Chemicals allowed to dry on the surface typically become more concentrated as they dry. That may cause the chemical to get concentrated enough to stain or even attack the seamless floor or seamless floor coating.

Waxing and Polishing of Seamless Flooring Coatings

Crown Seamless Floor Coating Systems are very shinny and so waxing or polishing are not necessary. If a floor is very old, or has seenextremely high traffic, this shine may dull. If it does then you can waxor polish the floor with standard commercial products that are designed forthat purpose. Better yet, if this happens, you may want to renew orrefinish your system - see below.

Renewing and Refinishing Seamless Floor Coating Systems

Crown Seamless Floor Coating Systems are designed to withstand heavy traffic and wear. However,if there is too much traffic and/or abuse to cause the system to loose its shine, or show visible signs of wear, you may wish to restore the floor by "re-glazing" it.  Before re-glazing a flooring system or coating system you need to do the following:

1), Remove all wax, oil, greaseand other contaminants from the surface.

2), Lightly sand to break theshine

3), Consult with Crown for theproper material to re-glaze you floor.  Be sure to follow all directionsfor installing the re-glazing material.


Do not use soaps, detergents or wax removers that containalkalis, as these damage epoxy floors. Use only cleaners labeled as neutral orthose formulated for epoxy floor use.