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Why do you choose epoxy floor for factory and production floor

Nowadays, more and more companies' factories and production workshops have begun to use epoxy floors. Epoxy flooring is environmentally friendly, beautiful, dustproof, and easy to clean. Different from the previous cement floor, it is not easy to clean and easy to dust; the floor tile floor is not wear-resistant, easy to slip, and has a short service life; traditional floor coatings cannot resist underground moisture, are not durable, have weak penetration, are easy to delaminate, and are not resistant Grinding and other issues. What troubles can be effectively avoided if epoxy floor is used on the factory floor: 


1. If epoxy floor is used, it can avoid a lot of dust and sand on the ground. It can solve the problem that the relevant certification of the factory is difficult to pass; moreover, the dust generated on the ground can easily penetrate into the machinery and equipment in the factory workshop, leading to the failure of the machinery and equipment, which not only delays the production of the factory, causes delays in the order, but also costs the company a lot Funding for the maintenance of machinery and equipment is very costly to the company; dust on the ground can easily be attached to raw materials and electronic components, causing trouble to product quality and production, and the occurrence of bad products will affect the company's brand image. Or cause financial loss to the company.


2. As a production-oriented enterprise, general customers or leaders will visit the workshop to understand the production process; if the ground is full of pits and dust, the customer or the leader is definitely not satisfied, which will cause the company to lose many customers and directly cause the company to lose ; If epoxy floor is laid on the ground, its surface is flat and seamless, wear-resistant and pressure-resistant, beautiful and beautiful, which can add points to the company's overall image.


3. Although the tile floor can solve the problem of sand and dust, the surface layer itself is separated from the concrete base layer. Under the effect of gravity, it is easy to cause the surface surface layer to bulge and fall off, which not only affects the flatness of the floor. Neat and clean, and with the use of time, the damage area will become larger and larger, the service life will be severely shortened, and normal use will be affected. For epoxy floors, as long as a professional construction team is selected and the most appropriate construction plan is formulated according to the actual situation , problems such as empty drums can be avoided.