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The importance of a well organized flooring team

Industrial floor contractors are always worrying about possible things that might go wrong during a flooring project. One of the greatest dangers that I see all the time is the lack of proper management and organization on a project site. Products and tools seem to be mixed up  all over the place, and workers are wasting time and energy struggling to find the products that they need.

Teams have a tendency to designate the least skilled or least qualified worker to be in charge of supplies and preparing the product . It does not take much for this person to misread a label, to forget to add the hardener, or mix up the various products on stock. Furthermore no one seems to be keeping track of inventory or how much surface has been coated with how much product. No one has any idea whether estimated consumption is on track, if the team is over-consuming or under-consuming the product. The foreman or the project manager in charge of the project may be out and about attending other projects and sites, then mistakes occurred without anyone knowing it.

Providing a correct organizational structure is an often overlooked factor in industrial flooring projects. A properly organized team greatly reduces the risk of something going wrong,and finish the project on time.